Affordable Housing in Allentown Project

This summer for my Advanced News Reporting course, I worked on an in-depth story about the affordable housing in Allentown, PA. In anticipation of the Allentown mayoral election next week, I submitted my piece to The Muhlenberg Weekly, as I spoke to both major party candidates about their proposed solutions to the problem.

Read it here.

Thanks to Karen Beck Pooley, Cristian deRitis, Cece Gerlach, Matthew Tuerk and Tim Ramos for speaking to me. Thank you to Katherine Conlon, Alyssa Duvak, Brianna Kovit and Cydney Wilson for editing this behemoth of a project. Thanks most of all to Sara Vigneri for all your help in the inception and production of this piece!

Affordable Housing in Allentown Project

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